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Assignment Title: Describe and evaluate the benefits of zero-hours contracts to both employers and employees

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Heather Stewart, an Observer's economics editor in the guardian stated,“Now we have at least 697,000 workers in the economy who don’t know how many hours they’re going to be working.” reference Zero hour contracts are flexible agreements between the employers and employees that do not include the employee’s number of working hours (OGL, 2015). This is considered a way to make fast and easy money. The employee only comes to work when called by the employer (Downie, 2013). Some zero hour contracts include holiday pay; however, they do not include sick leaves (CIPD, 2013). In the United Kingdom, about 697,000 people work on zero-hour contracts, which is 2.3% of the UK’s employment rate (BBC News, 2015). Many people from different careers are on zero hour contracts including low-paid jobs such as McDonalds’ employees as well as high-paid careers (Blanchard, 2015). Considering the advantages and disadvantages of zero hour contract on both the employer and employees, this essay argues that zero hour contracts should be banned.

Some experts argue that zero hour contracts are advantageous to the employees. First of all, these contracts’ flexible hours provide employees the choice as to when to work. Another major benefit that employees gain from zero-hour contracts is the ability to make fast money (Tovey, 2013). A few of the employees working on zero hour contracts see it as a way of making extra money (Mohamed, 2015). Zero-hour contract also has an advantage to…...

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