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Student Name: A.R.M.K.K. Amunugama
Tutors Name: Ms. Ariane Lengyel
Subject: International Hotel Management
Assignment title: Hotel Development Project



Table of Content






The purpose of this assignment is to enable myself to demonstrate an understanding of:

• The political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental factors affecting contemporary international hotel development.

• The geographic, ownership organizational and financing options available to international developers.

• The development planning process.

• The special considerations in managing international hotel operations.

• A range of different national and commercial hotel classification systems and standards

• Travel distribution systems.

How the work planned, organized, researched, monitored and carried out the assignment:

To do this assignment successfully I scheduled my work in to a time frame. I set the time to read the book, tutorials, magazines and make the notes regarding the International Hotel Management assignment..

To get good theory knowledge first thing I did was reading the text book (International Hotel Management) and the tutorials that have been given by the lecturer. When ever I finished a chapter I took the assignment briefing and checked for relevant questions.

To get additional information I referred to the LHS intranet, internet, magazines, and text books regarding Hotel Management which were in the college library.


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