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Refinery Operations
Refining is a complex operation that depends upon the skills of operators, engineers and planners in combination of cutting edge technology to produce products that meet the demands of competitive market. Some of the greatest challenges for the refinery in recent years have been changes to the specification of transportation fuels. The switch between leaded to unleaded petrol, the reduction of sulfur levels in diesel and petrol have all required major investments in new units and upgrades to existing units.

What do operations do?
Oil refining is the separation of crude oil by distillation into different fractions. But many other complex processes are necessary to produce a full range of products, that includes propane and butane (LPG), petrol, jet fuel, diesel, marine fuels, heating oil, lubricant basestocks and fuel oil In Singapore Jurong refinery, the operations mainly consist of 3 team forces – S1, S2 and S4. All teams are operating in 24 hours continuously. S1 and S2 teams are in charge of on-site units as shown in below Figure 1-A-1 to ensure the units are performing on their specifications. S4 is taking care of off-sites, as sub-sea pipe line, transportation and tankage for products.

Daily work support 1. Plant Stability Refinery units are not always running at their specifications due to unexpected equipment failures or environmental effect, etc...(eg. weather can affect the operation temperature). Operations execute jobs from daily work permits issued.

Daily Work Permit Activities

Panel men are in a role of monitoring daily performance of every unit. In the event of any unit upset occurs, for example, unusual feed rates; the operations are then called in to investigate the causes. 2.…...

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