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Wisconsin Product Liability Laws
According to Find Law, a website dedicated to helping people find lawyers, “Defective or dangerous products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year in the U.S.” (Find Law, n.d.). If people are getting injured because of defective products, there must be some kind of legislation that protects consumers. Product liability laws are laws that were created so that people who are injured from a defective product can sue to recover damages. Keep in mind that a defective product does not simply mean that the product is broken. The Business Dictionary says that a defective product is “unfit for its intended use, dangerous or harmful for normal use, does not carry adequate instructions for its use, or is inherently dangerous due to defective design, assembly, or manufacture” (Business Dictionary, n.d.). If a product is dangerous to use, why would people still use it? Sometimes the danger that lurks within a product is not visible, and unfortunately it takes someone getting hurt before anyone notices that something is wrong with it. It is these types of products that product liability laws protect us from. So then, whose laws protect us?
During this class, we have learned that federal laws are the highest laws of the land. That means that if a crime is committed, state courts must follow federal laws if there is a law in place for that particular crime. What are the federal laws when it comes to product liability? There are none. Product liability laws are created state by state and no two states have the same laws. So, if someone is injured from a defective product in the state of Wisconsin, they would sue in Wisconsin courts (that is where the product was when the injury took place) and follow Wisconsin laws.
Wisconsin’s product liability laws were reformed in January 2011. Until then, product liability fell on manufacturer and…...

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