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William Wilberforce - "Take Up the Fight"

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William Wilberforce is remembered today for his long Parliamentary campaign for the abolition of the slave-trade. It was a difficult task while he had ties with the church, you see, the church had invested a great amount of money in the slave buisness of Africa and West India. On March 25th of 1807, the Act of Parliament for Abolition finally received the Royal Assent and became law. (Blah blah blah) However that was not the end of slavery. The law strictly prohibted the trading of human beings, not the right to owning them as property.

Wilverforce was born inn Yorkshire, 1759, an only child. His father was a wealthy merchant, his grandfather had made a fortune in maritime trade, and had been elected mayor of hull twice. He spent most of his younger life in boarding schools. While away he became interested in the church and what it had to offer. His beliefs greatly different from the church and those around him, but that did not detur him from making a change in the church.

The book William Wilberforce - "Take Up the Fight covers a large amount of smaller fiction* events in his life, while still keeping his story as close to the truth as possible. Throughout the story he spends his journey convincing parliment of the negative consequences of slave trading, and how the Bible tells us it is wrong. It ranges from the time of his birth, his time with his aunts and uncles he stayed with while he was attending school, to the time he spends in his later life as he is an adult. He lead a great change even after his time in the parliment was over, he attended hundreads of meetings and championed many of the causes he had supported throughout his politcal…...

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