Why You Should Increase Your Salary

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Why You Should Increase Your Salary with a Masters
Tired of working forty plus hours a week with little to no vacation time and living pay check to pay check? Me too! While working at Wal-Mart as a cashier with a salary of six dollars and fifty cents an hour, working long weekends and extended hours, I started thinking about making more money. I was thinking of more money to support my family better, and more money to upgrade my lifestyle. The responsibilities that I had at my previous jobs were not substantial enough to be able to move up based on experience. My responsibilities as a Wal-Mart employee included checking out customers, maintaining and making sure my workstation was neat and clean. I was also employed at a telecommunications company called Berry Direct. I was a telemarketer, and my duties included calling members and offering additional telephone services. My salary was seven dollars an hour, with no sick time or vacation time available. Not only was I unhappy with the amount of money I was paid, I was also unhappy because the job didn’t offer any benefits. I decided that I needed a better job, and started working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. While the money was better with them, I was still unable to move up to certain positions, or move up to a certain pay scale without a degree. With degree level experience, it would put me in a higher income bracket. After doing some personal reflection I decided that without returning to school to get a higher level degree, I would not be able to achieve any of the goals that I have set for myself career wise.
Why obtain an M.B.A some ask? What’s the use or purpose? It’s just a title. Some feel that it’s not what you know but who you know to obtain a higher paying career. The reasons why people may feel this way may be due to the declining economy. They may feel like going back to school would just…...

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