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Why People Needs to Learn More Than Two Languages ?

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Why people needs to learn more than two languages ?

Nowadays, more people are popular learning more than two languages.

We can legibly see from the high school. The high school has third language in

program such as German , China, Japanese , French ,and Korea . Then the

global is faster moving and businesses are growing than past. Economics have

more effect for development of country. Communication connects between

other to other. Learning more than two languages is useful for people; to

increase global understanding, to attain a good job and to be benefit to summit

on AEC in 2015.

To increase global understanding, people should have language ability

more than two language. Learning more than two languages that let they know

about different vision of life. Following this word “A different language is a

different vision of life” of Federico Fellini,Itarian Flim director. Learning

another language gives them know about other culture that they learned.

Learning language they not only communicate but also understand into the

culture in that language. In globalization made people in the world is easy to

connect and is bring other comes together. For example , in the house of

Japanese ,the shoes are not worn inside their homes. There is even a separate set

of slipper worn in the bathroom. If you didn’t learn Japanese , you don’t know

that. You go to Japanese’s homes and do thing that they forbid. They are

thinking that you haven’t the manner .However , you learn this language ,it

helps you to know the manner of that language that you learned.

Many companies need people who has ability language more than two

languages. Why something like that? Because these companies have connect

between the global communication. To grow their business to better ways. If


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