Why People Are Moving Away from the North (Mezzogiourno)

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Why people are moving away from the north (Mezzogiourno)
In the southern part of Italy out migration is common, this is due to push factors. A push factor is a reason for a individual or a collective to leave an area.
One of these ‘push factors’ is climate. In the south of Italy the climate is not and dry, drought is common. The average temperature in summer is 28c+. The hot and dry weather is partly caused by the sirocco wind from the Sahara, it brings with it hotter weather and sand storms as well as extremely dry weather. In winter the climate is completely different, with and average temp of 0c – 4c cold, windy, rainy, snow and sometimes even sleet. Winter brings the mistral wind witch brings precipitation ( all of the above ), there can also be floods and land slides. Because the climate goes both ends of the scale, cold and hot, Farming/ agriculture very hard. In summer there is too much sun and not enough rain, in winter there is rain but not enough sun. crops need both to grow. The soil is dry and sandy, sand on top and clay underneath. The soil is awful for growing crops and when it rains the soil gets eroded (Washed away) , taking with it all the seeds. The only was to fix this is to plow the other way, this is very dangerous.
The highest percentage of work in the south is farming / agriculture because there is little industry in such a rural part of Italy and companies don’t invest here. Companies don’t invest hear because communication is difficult and transport is bad, this is due to natural barriers such as hills, forest and desert. Another reason is the lack of natural resources such as water, easy food and available land to build on.
That Brings me to the Next push, factor lack of paid work. The main source of work is agriculture, this pays very badly, it pays in food and very little real money. This is due to lack of industry (as explained…...

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