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I choose to find the art work that best symbolizes symmetrical balance first because I know it would be the easiest to find. After flipping through the book I landed on Diego Rivera, Man, Controller of the Universe, or Man in the Time Machine, 1934. Symmetrical balance is defined by taking a piece of art and cutting it in half and having both cut pieces be the same or near perfect. With this piece there are some differences with the objects on each side of the man but I believe if you cut it in half the differences are minimal. The only slight differences would be the colors and designs in what seems to be part of the ship. Each side has rows sitting and statues facing the man driving. On each side of the, what I am calling ship, there are to mirror looking things that are exactly the same. Both sides have the same shapes and angles that I feel make this painting symmetrical. You can see easily that what was going on during this time this was painted had an influence on what figures he put in the background. This may not be a mirror image but I feel like it represent symmetrical balance. Next I decided to go next in line and hunted down a painting representing asymmetrical balance. After going back and forth with some I landed on Van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889. This one seems asymmetrical to me because it has the big broken tree on one side which represents the heavy single object and the town with the big moon on the other balancing it out. Even if you cut this in half you obviously can tell that they are different but together the way the moon draws your eyes and the dark shading on the castle brings them back makes it seemed balanced. Mr. Gogh might have done this to represent how he was feeling at the time. It is said in the book that he was in an asylum when he painted this. Maybe he had the broken tree representing himself because he felt sad and broken and the town with the church and beautiful moon as a hope for something better since it is in the background.…...

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