Why My Education Is Important to Me

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22 August 2014
Why My Education Is Important For every four high school graduates, only one will be prepared for college by the time they begin their freshman year. This being said, American youth today are sustaining an average in the nineteenth percentile for illiterate graduates. Education is vastly important around the world and it is becoming more so here in the United States as more businesses require their employees to have a college degree. Obtaining a college education is important to me because it gives me the necessary tools to think for myself, as well as reinforce my opinions; living in an unhealthy environment, higher education is a ticket out - one that also gives me the momentum that I need so that I can strive to be better as a person with all that I achieve. Around the age that I started talking, my mother began playing schoolteacher with me every night that my father wasn’t home; because of this, the first time that I walked into a classroom I pointed at the posters on the wall and listed every color and number that I saw. My hunger for knowledge never lessoned, but grew vastly through the days of my adolescence. I would take things apart, seeing how they worked, reading anything that I could get my hands on, and becoming fascinated with the world around me. As I have grown older, I have become more independent; I began to execute things in a professional fashion as I concentrate on exhibiting initiative and responsibility in my life as a whole. As I am determined to go to college, it can be difficult to live in a home with a family member who doesn’t share, or understand my passion for education. I challenge myself to enroll in courses with a rigorous curriculum, and a lack of understanding in my home can sometimes make it hard to complete some assignments. Difference in opinion causes…...

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