Why Is Extreme Weather Difficult to Define?

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Why is extreme Weather difficult to define?

Extreme weather is difficult to define because it is different for every area

due to varied outlooks of the definition of “Extreme”. An area deems a

type of weather extreme when it drastically shis from the weather

norms, e.g. A location such as the North Pole would snow heavily, however

is a common occurrence for the natives who are used to such weather.

Heavy snow would be described extreme in an area such as California, or

an area with more extreme heat like the desert (as it would be highly

unusual for the weather to experience cold, much less having the

onslaught of snow due to the hot temperatures during the year).

The frequency at which certain types of weather happen, leads to how

weather is perceived in that area, e.g. If heavy rainfall became common

instead of rare, the weather would eventually be seen as “Regular

weather,” despite being once seen as “extreme.”This makes it difficult to

define because the ideas constantly change.

The diagram also shows another reason why the concept of extreme

weather is difficult to define, the reason being that the weather only

rarely strides from the norm and even then, it is unpredictable and shows

rarely any sign of impending extreme weather. There is no obvious

pattern, and the graph shows this as there is only one time when the

weather fluctuates so extremely. It rises above average only twice,

reflecting the sudden nature of extreme weather. E.g. Just before the

centre of the…...

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