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Where's My Heart

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I lost it not so long ago
I wait for its return
The heart from which in its depths
My passion used to burn
And it rumbled deep insode
Before I even knew
I let it fly away from me
And hide inside of you
I swear to God I'll find it
And love again I will
To live a life without a heart
I think I'd rather die
And when I see you laughing
I wonder if you know
That though its been so very long
I haven't let you go
And I still I lay here crying
With no heart to call my own
Cause I lost it with my sanity
The minute you were gone
All I ask is simple
To set my spirit free
To find my old and broken heart
And give it back to me
Why does it hurt so bad
Why do I feel so sad
Thought I was over you
But I keep on crying
When I don't have you
So, why does it hurt me so
I gotta get you off my head
It hurts me so bad
My life has been great since you left
I must admit life is great
I went and did all the things I said I would
I found someone who loves me for me
I haven't had much drama since the day we split
My heart has never been more at ease
And when I think of all the things you put me through
Leaving you has been for the best
Never again I said
I never want to feel your pain again
Just when I think its through
I fall right back in love with…...

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