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What Do You Look Forward to as You Begin This Educational Jexperience and Your Personal Search for Purpose.What Is Your Greatest Fear.How Can You Overcome It.

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Nurs 430 Assignment 2

Nowadays the requirement in the field of nursing is a BSN or higher. Some hospitals will not hire a nurse with just an associate degree, if they do then they give you a time frame in which to obtain a BSN. As I embark on this new journey I am looking forward to expanding my vocabulary and expressing myself in a better way. A higher degree opens doors for me in my profession and will definitely make me more marketable. My greatest fear was not being able to obtain my degree. I attempted to start my degree a few months ago. I paid for a credentials evaluation and transcripts and mailed in all of what was required. After waiting a few months I finally called the school and was told that my evaluation was not accepted. I was heart broken and frustrated, this required and additional three hundred plus dollars, so I threw in the towel. I gave up because it had become mentally exhausting. After receiving a phone call from GCU I decided that I would give it another try. It started to get frustrating again ,as I am a foreign student I then had to find someone to obtain a transcript for me and mail it off to the school. My sister came to my rescue, and here I am persuing my dreams. As I reflect on the days when I was in nursing school, during a final exam in pathophysiology I became very afraid. During the exam I started to have a panic attack. I forgo everything and started to become afraid in the exam. I completed the exam and immediately went to the teacher and explained to her what had happened. The teacher encouraged me by letting me know that I had obtained great grades and I should not be too upset. After speaking with the teacher I felt better. I had made up my mind that I would repeat this course if I had to. When the results posted I was successful in this exam. I was so happy and felt much better. After that day I always…...

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