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How to prepare a claim in construction projects

9910 39 Avenue
P.O. Box 2408 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2R4

October 27 - 2011

City of Edmonton Drainage Branch

Dear Madam / Sir,

Request for Change Order:

Regarding to our meeting dated July 30, 1993; WestBan Construction Limited needs City’s approval for extra time and cost to precede with additional scope of the construction work (changing slope in North and East banks, adding required shoring for stabilizing the soil, leaving shoring in the ground, pouring tank concrete walls instead of shotcrete), according to the option B for both North and East Slopes (Attachment F2), the chosen schemes for slope remedies are attached in this document.

WestBan, due to the delays of City of Edmonton and UMA in providing requested services to this company, believed that the justifications in cost and schedule are necessary to complete the project within satisfactory quality.

WestBan is proposing extra CAD$72,500 and additional 28 days to the original project duration according to general conditions to the contract clauses 410.1, 404.3 and 404.4. It is noteworthy that the total amount of money requested is additional to the insurance of North and South slopes which stipulated in Attachment G Section 1.2 (Course of Construction Insurance). The detailed cost breakdown and the revised schedules are attached for references.

The revised milestone dates are as followed:
Completion of Storage Tank: 17-Sept-1993
Completion of Mech./Piping: 08-Oct-1993
Completion of Electrical/Control: 15-Oct-1993
Substation Completion: 12-Nov-1993

We appreciated your considerations regarding this change order.

Sincerely Yours,
Project Manager, WestBan Construction Limited.

The change order is requested…...

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