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MKTG-410: Advertising and Public Relations

Komfort Kicks, Inc.
Komfort Kicks, Inc. is a North American athletic shoe company that manufactures high-end, professional soccer shoes. They have been in existence for ten years in the United States. The main headquarters is just outside of Chicago, IL from where the shoes are distributed. The brand has been quite successful in the past, but losing significant market share to Nike and Adidas. Management has decided to complement its soccer shoes with a stylish training jacket, pants and jersey to completely outfit soccer players or workout enthusiasts. The outfit is lightweight in design; providing maximum comfort and air circulation for indoor workouts, outdoor practice and soccer games. While Nike and Adidas are battling for global soccer domination, Komfort Kicks would like to make a comeback under the radar and strengthen its brand and reputation while becoming a sponsor at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. With increased competition in the sports athletic market, management has hired DeVry University’s Creative Marketing firm to propose an IMC Campaign. This campaign is intended to strengthen the Komfort Kicks brand equity, promote its new training outfit and increase sales. According to IBIS World, the sports and athletic goods industry has grown at an annualized rate of 0.6% to $9.1 billion, including 2.2% revenue growth in 2014. Over this time, the average profit margin for industry operators has also contracted due to the rising competition from imports, which has put downward pressure on selling prices. Research has concluded that as consumers become more health conscious, they will feel more inclined to purchase athletic apparel. Demand for sports and athletic apparel is projected to increase and steadily grow revenue in the short term. As the recession subsides, revenue is forecast to grow at an…...

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