Virtual Organization E-Business: Riordan Manufacturing

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Virtual Organization E-Business:
Riordan Manufacturing

Virtual Organization E-Business:
Riordan Manufacturing A global plastics manufacturer, Riordan Manufacturing employs over 500 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. Riordan Industries, Riordan Manufacturing’s parent company is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. Riordan's major clientele include automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers and bottlers, and appliance manufacturers (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005).
With manufacturing plants in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China, Riordan’s e-business plays a vital role in continued growth. “E-business involves business processes spanning the entire value chain: electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, handling customer service, and cooperation with business partners” (Wikipedia, n.d.). E-Business is taking new forms and enabling new business practices that may bring numerous risks. Protection of intellectual property is a major concern, but so are the value of contracts, domain names, and handling legal issues in a multinational environment. “Intellectual property rights, such as patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, trade names, and domain names are very valuable business assets. Federal and state laws protect intellectual property rights from misappropriation and infringement” (Cheeseman, 2004). Riordan’s Internet site states, “Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. With state-of-the art design capabilities, we create innovative plastic designs that have earned international acclaim” (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005). With this claim comes the responsibility to protect the company’s trade secretes and register trademarks associated…...

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