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The habit of living exclusively on vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals and not including meat is known as vegetarianism (Beardworth, 2005). Vegetarianism has been practiced for various reasons. They may be ethical, austere or health reasons. Vegetarians do not include any kind of meat in their diet. Studies have shown that well organized vegetarian diets are good for the human health. Most of the vegetable diets fulfill daily requirements that are needed for the human body to stay healthy. A person living on vegetable diet has low risks of fatal diseases such as cancer. The life of an individual practicing vegetarianism also increases and also helps in obesity. With the alertness of role meat in contribution to obesity, heart diseases and cancer, many people have embraced vegetarianism as a precautionary medication. Although, meat is easily available in various forms in the western society but people are moving towards a vegetarian diet. They prefer to have vegetables rather than meat. Many vegetarians are individuals who have the knowledge and understanding to play a role to make a society as peace as possible along with the elimination of aggression and hostility that lives in the human heart. It is not in the nature of human beings to be meat eaters. Instead, the human body is structured to eat vegetables. Vegetarianism is the healthiest way of eating. The use of chemicals, preservatives and additives in meat is harmful for the human body. Another reason to op for vegetarianism is because of the problems of animal plagues such as bird flu, mad cow diseases; etc can infect humans (Corliss, 2007).

Ethics of Killing Animals for Food There are many ethical issues on the subject of consumption of meat. Apparently, many…...

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