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“What Are The Values of Life”
HLT 305

With the main principles of ethics, the most important ideals that the author feels strongly about are the equality and justice. He feels that no matter who you are, where you came from and how much money you have; everyone should receive the same amount of care and help. He has seen so many news stories that people are denied care for low income and others that could not received help because of their religion and it baffles him that in this industry, it should not matter at all. He wanted to become a doctor so that he could help people, but as time has change, he’s seen the world transform into a money hungry business, and this saddens him deeply. But that just means that he will work harder not to let these things change and influence his views and more morals. To him, worth is not a dollar amount but the impact you have on others. What is it that you can contribute to the world, how can you make a different in the environment around you. Anyone can hire a doctor, or a medical expert to advise them on health issues, but only a moral person will approach that situation with their highest ethical values. The most virtuous qualities are the ones that make us human, and that’s the need to help others with all aspects like money, religion, and laws set aside. He thinks this quality is something that every medical expert should have, and what will make this domain a better place. The vice that he sees that has some set backs, but is not necessarily an ethical principle, is the right to perform medical treatments against religious views. The author completely understands, that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but to deny medical assistances because of their religion, is just nonsense to him. When someone’s health is on the line, he thinks all views should be set aside and the matter of regaining…...

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...Personal Narrative There are many values in my life that are very important to me. My values that I carry with me all the time day and night originated from my family, friends, and teachers that are important in my life. The people that have influenced me and taught me most of my values is my family. My family is the people that have been there with me through the “good” and “bad”. They are the people who taught me the “dos” and “don’ts” in life. My parents are the ones who made me who I am today. By being there everyday of my life my family has taught me the meaning of loyalty, I’m a smart, loving, caring, trustworthy, hardworking, and successful because my parents helped guide me in the right direction. They will be there to support me until the very end. I don’t know what I would do without my family. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be the person I’m today. My family has taught me never to give up and to keep going even when times get rough. They have instilled in me to reach my goals and strive for the best. I will reach my goals in life to the best of my potential. With this in mind, I go to school everyday to reach my short-term goal of graduating with honors and start my next goal of becoming a sophomore in college. My family has taught me everything that I believe in such as religion and working hard for what you want. When I got to school I get taught many things from my teachers, which helps me become a more well rounded and educated person. My friends...

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