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Job title: Cabin Crew
Organisation: Emirates Airline Skills needed for this job | Why is this skill necessary (use examples)? | Where/how did you find this out? | Do you have this skill? | How will you develop this skill? | Being physical fit | This skill is necessary because an airhostess I will need to be fit to do my job well. An airhostess need to be fit to be able to work on a plane and on their feet through their journey so they need to be able to work for long hours and be able to cope with been in the air.An airhostess needs to have energy to calm passengers down in case of emergencies. | | I do think I have this skill. This is because I am free from any physical or mental illness which might lead to incapacity or inability to perform cabin crew duties. I do not have to depend alcohol or drugs. I have a good and healthier life style. I have normal vision without any glasses. I am physically fit because I go to the yoga classes to keep my balance and flexibility. | This skill could be developed by checking my BMI every week to have a better diet and by eating more front to digest properly. I could improve this skill by running in my space time. | Clear communication | This skill is necessary because Airhostess will be answering passengers questions which mean my voice will need to be clear in a formal speaking tone of voice, politely to passengers. This means an airhostess will need to be fluent in English in order for passengers to understand my answers and announcements. Talk to passengers like I know them in a polite manner. | | I do think that I have this skill. The reason been is because I am able to speak clearly to people when I am talking and they answer back with no difficulties to understand what I am saying. I have always been able to understand people with different assents. I had a Grade B in English even though my first language is French. I also had A* in French. | This could be improved by taking French and English training classes to improve my communication skill will also be taking classes to learn how to talk to a rich person in a polite and formal way. This could help me when dealing with a VIP on board it will be easy for me to talk to them in a way that they could understand. | Team work | This skill is needed because an airhostess will need to work with other airhostess to assist the needs of passenger’s to meet their passenger’s expectations on board. I also need to work with other airhostess to ensure that all passengers leave he plane safely with their hand luggage. | | I do think I have this skill. This is because I like working with people. The most reason why I like working In a team work is making the work more efficient and having team spirit. The good thing about working in a team is whenever I am in a team I do the work at the best of my ability to meet the goals and expectations accurately because I have every team members support to keep me going. | This skill could be developed by getting involved in more activity that involves working with people. |

Qualifications needed for this job | Why is this qualification necessary (use examples)? | Where/how did you find this out? | How will you gain this qualification?(What is the level of the qualification, where can you do it? How long will it take?) | Diploma in Travel and Tourism | This qualification is important for an airhostess because an airhostess will be travelling around the world and needs to know the economic and cultures of different countries. An airhostess will travel and tourism diploma to able to provide a good customer service for passengers from different countries. An airhostess will also need this qualification to be able to give passengers information about their destination. | | The level of this qualification is a BTEC level 3. This qualification could be taking at the West Thames college in London. To get a BTEC level 3 in travel and tourism it will take me 2 years. | Grade C or above in English | This qualification is necessary because This is a problem because the airhostess needs to make announcements on the behalf of the pilot; if the airhostess can’t speak properly passengers will not be able to understand the announcements. The airhostess will also have to answer passengers’ question. The airhostess will need to be able to fully speak English for passengers to understand. | | The level of this qualification is a Grade C and above in English. This qualification will be taking in a secondary school which will take two years for preparations and at the end of the two I will take an exam which will tell me if a got a Grade C or above. | Grade C and above in Maths | This qualification is necessary because an airhostess will be selling products on board. An airhostess will need to be able to give the right change to customers when they are buying products. This qualification is also important for an airhostess because and airhostess will need to be able to calculate when selling foreign currency in exchange for local currency to passengers on board. | | The level of this qualification is a Grade C and above in Maths.This qualification will be taking in secondary school in year 10 when I will learn the subjects and the end of year 11 to take the exam which will tell me if I got a Grade C or above. |

Experience needed for this job | Why is this experience necessary (use examples)? | Where/how did you find this out? | How will you gain this experience? | Customer service | This experience is important for an airhostess will be dealing with different customers such as customers with special requirement. An airhostess will need to be able to know how to deal with special requirement such as how to place their seatbelts without hurting them. | | I will gain this experience by taking a part time job that involves a face to face customer service. For example working in a retail shop such as new look which will give me the opportunity to help customers who need help and will give me the experience of dealing with different customers with different ages and gender. | health and safety | This experience is important for an airhostess because an airhostess will have to ensure that all passengers follow the safety procedures during the flight. In case of emergency an airhostess will need to know all the rules and procedures she as to follow to ensure all passengers are safe. | | This experience will be gained by taking a health and safety course which will teach me the different procedures during different emergency case. This helps me to know the different equipment I need to use when helping someone who had an injury. | Working abroad | This experience is important for an airhostess because an airhostess will need to able understand the process of travelling and security. This is important because an airhostess will be going through those processes and will also be helping customers go through different processes of traveling such as visa applications. | I found this information during a conversation with an airhostess. | This experience will be gain by going on a holiday in another country and during the holiday apply for a vacation. This will give me the experience to work with people from different country who speak different language from English. |

Write 3 SMART targets which will help you to achieve your career goals * I will complete the airhostess Aviation course level 3 by November 2016. * I will complete my maths GCSE at a Grade C by June 2015 * I will complete my travel and tourism diploma at a level 3 by June 2017.
Distinction 3 Answer the following questions about your interview experience: a) What went well in your interview? Why?
In my interview the things that went well were my body language, posture, tone of voice and eye contact. During the interview I was making eye contact with the interviewer this shows that I was fully engaged throughout the interview and also shows my interest for the job I am applying for. My body language was good because during the interview I did not move around and was fully focused which is good because it gives me the ability of answering questions in a clear tone of voice which made it easy for the interviewer to hear me. b) What did not go well? Why?
In my interview what did not go well was my confident. This is because through my interview I was nervous which made me rush my speech. This is a negative thing about my interview as I wasn’t able to express myself fully when answering questions. This prevented me from giving reasons of why I am the right candidate for the job. c) How will you improve next time? Why?
In my interview what could be improved is my confidence. This could be improved by doing activities that could help me building my confidence by practise. For example practicing public speech and role plays. This could help me build up my confident as I will be assertive when receiving criticism and listening to the criticism and making sure that I understand what is being said, use criticism as a way to learn and improve my confidence. This could help me in my interview as I will be prepared to fully express my answers when answering questions.…...

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