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1. Why does the film open and close with serene images of nature: lush green leaves and a gently flowing river on a sunny day, followed by Al Gore?s voice-over about this peaceful place?

2. What is the intention of showing Gore delivering his slide show at town-hall-style meetings? How does Gore come across to the viewers as the camera follows him behind the scenes and on his tours?

3. What is the effect of Gore opening his presentation on a serious subject with self-irony:
?I used to be the next president of the United States?? And after the audience laughs,
Gore quips, ?I don?t find that particularly funny.? Where else in this discussion of an environmental crisis do we see Gore?s humor?

4. In this film, Gore narrates a moment in 1989 when his six-year-old son dropped his father?s hand, ran into the street, and was severely injured. How does this personal story relate to Gore?s mission?

5. Gore also tells a story of his father?s tobacco farm and business and of his older sister
Nancy who died of lung cancer. How is this personal history relevant to this film?

6. Because so much of the film consists of scientific facts and charts, you may have been challenged to record sufficient notes. Work with classmates to answer as many of the following questions as you can:
 Why do we have global warming?
 What is the relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature?
 How does global warming (the increase in worldwide temperatures) contribute to an increase in the number and severity of storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons?  How can global warming cause both violent precipitation as well as droughts?

7. Explain the significance of each of these references from the film:
-- the findings of core drills
-- the thawing of the permafrost, the splitting of the Ward Hunt ice shelf, and the

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