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Tides: An effect that happens when a large object is moving in an orbit in a gravitational field. The object behaves, as far as the field is concerned, as if it were concentrated at a single point, the center of mass. So the center of mass moves in exactly the right orbit. But every part of the object that isn't at the center of mass is in a “wrong” orbit. If the object is a planet orbiting the Sun, for example, bits of the planet that are farther out from the Sun than the center of mass is, are being dragged around faster than their correct orbital speed for their distance from the Sun, and bits of the planet that are closer to the Sun than the center of mass is, are being held back from their correct orbital speeds. The result is tidal forces, which stretch the planet in both directions outward from the center of mass along a line joining the center of mass to the Sun. Tidal forces produce tides even in the solid surface of a world. But they have a much bigger effect on the oceans. Consequently, there are two bulges of water in the oceans, one on the side of Earth facing the Sun and one on the opposite side. The Moon has double the tide-raising effect of the Sun because it is so much closer. These effects combine at New Moon and at Full Moon giving rise to the spring tides.…...

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...high and low tides will a given spot on the coast experience in a day, and why? On average the coast will experience about two high and two low tides each day. These daily tide cycles are determined by the rotation of the Earth. The Moon's gravitational pull on the ocean, in addition to internal elastic forces within the body of water create the high tide. We experience a high tide as Earth continues to rotate on its axis with this budge rotating as well. The high tide is experienced while facing the moon, the low tide is experienced when we face 90° from the moon. 4.2 What is a spring tide and when does it occur? A spring tide is referred to when gravitational forces caused by the sun are parallel to the gravitational forces caused by the Moon. This effect creates an extra-high high tide and an extra-low low tide, spring tides occur about every two weeks. 4.3 What is a neap did e and when does it occur? When the Sun and Moon are at right angles to one another in-between spring tides the gravitational pull by the sun is perpendicular to those of the Moon making the the ocean water evenly distributed around the planet. During neap tides high tides are at their lowest and low tides are at their highest, these tides occur every two weeks. [ 6.1 ] How many high and low tides are there each day? two high tides and two low tides. [7.1] What is the height of each of the following in your study area? Spring high tide: 4.7m 
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