The Whipping Boy

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“The Whipping Boy” – analytical essay.
Before 1860 slavery was considered “normal”. You would have one or several slaves, who would have to do as you please. These slaves were people of colour, and their owners were not. You could treat your slaves as you pleased, since the human rights did not include slaves. In “The Whipping Boy” we follow three slaves who served the Gage family. They lived in the south where slavery was not inhumane, like some thought in the north. On January 1st 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the order Emancipation Proclamation. It proclaimed that all slaves were free. This is where “The Whipping Boy” begins, with freedom, but we will soon learn that an executive order, issued by the president is not enough to free all slaves just yet.
The historical setting in “the Whipping Boy” is in the era of the Civil War. The Civil War was between 1861-1865. It was a fight between the Union and the Confederacy. Seven slave states declared their secession from the United States. They wanted to hold on to the slavery and therefore wished to be independent from the Union. After four years of combat the Confederacy collapsed and slavery was put to an end. In the beginning of “the Whipping boy”, we get presented to three slaves, Tommy, Mikey and Martha. The three slaves belonged to the Gage family that consisted of Sterling Gage, a First Lieutenant who was sent away to the front fighting for the Confederates, and his mother Mrs Gage who deteriorated in her bedchamber day after day. One day a boy from the Union arrives and declares them freemen. This is probably in 1861, since Abraham Lincoln banned all slavery that year, when he was elected for president. The geographical setting is therefore in the South, in one of the 7 states of the Confederates.

Mikey was the first slave of the Gage family. He grew up with Sterling Gage, and they were considering each…...

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