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Republic of the Philippines
Purok Manihan, Brgy. Bunga
Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental
Report on Conduct of ISO 1. Operations a. Type of Operations | Major Operation | b. Composition of Operating Troops | 1st and 7th Platoon | c. Organization of Operating Troops | See Annex A1 | d. Area of Operations | VGL 37-41 HGL 87-92 | e. Inclusive dates of Operations | January 29 – February 2 2015 | f. Barangays covered BRGY. MAQUILING, COLONIA, PUEY ALL OF SAGAY CITY, BRGY. BUG-ANG,TOBOSO, BRGY. DIAN-AY,ESCALANTE CITY. | DD – Brgy. Maquiling, Sagay City | GC: 390910 | DD+1 – Brgy. Colonia Divina, Sagay City | GC: 375901 | DD+2 – Brgy. Puey, Sagay City | GC: 380888 | DD+3 – Brgy.Bug-ang, Toboso | GC: 387875 | DD+4 – Brgy.Dian-ay, Escalante City | GC: 401892 | g. Specific Location of Operating Troops(from D-Day to D-Day+4) | See annex “B2” |

Narrative Reports on:

a. At about 291630H January 2015 operating team jump off from Infil at GC 401922 going to the 1st objective which is Brgy. Maquiling, Sagay City, Operating troops conducted Pulong-pulong sa barangay with the coordination of Brgy. Official.

b. At about 300600H January 2015 operating teams conducted QUAD operation at Sitio Inapo, Brgy. Maquiling, Sagay City GC 390910

c. At about 301200H January 2015 operating teams conducted police combat clearing operation to suspected exit and entrance of enemy at at Purok Pinamungahay, Brgy. Colonia Divina, Sagay City GC 376898

d. At about 310630H January 2015 operating team conducted police combat clearing operation to suspected exit and entrance of enemy at Purok Orchid, Brgy. Puey, Sagay City

e. At about 010630H January 2015…...

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