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|Introduction |2 |
|Main part |3 |
|The British. The main features of the British character. |3 |
|History of british sport |5 |
|Sports invented in Great Britain |6 |
|Framework of sport in Britain. |10 |
|Modern Sport in Great Britain: Structure, Administration, Funding, Popularity, Sport media and Diseases. |13 |
|Elite level sport |15 |
|6.1. Elite level team sports |15 |
|6.2. Elite level individual sports |22 |
|6.3. Elite level equestrian sports |25 |
|Great Britain at the Olympics |26 |
|Disability sport…...

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...Assumptions: 1st instance -Quotation #= 100436 -P.O #= 100075 -Delivery Date= July 20, 2008 (1 day prior to invoice date) -Order #= 34568 -Customer #= 10055 -Invoice #= 100453 MI Sporting Company 456 Mile road Warren, MI, 48089 Phone 734.555.5555 Fax 734.555.6666 Date: 07/01/08 To Whom It May Concern: My name is Paul Reynolds, and I am a purchasing agent for MI Sporting Company in Warren, MI. I was looking through your catalog, and I would like to receive a quote for the following items: |Quantity |Item |Material Number | |500 |Entry-level skateboard |ENSB3000 | |200 |Helmet |HLMT5000 | |50 |SSB Inc. T-Shirt |SHRT4000 | |200 |Skateboard first aid kit |FAID6000 | A quote by email or fax would be ideal. Thank you Paul Reynolds Purchasing Agent Fax: (734) 555-6666 ...

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