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The Puzzle of the Filipino Laborer: Pinoys Most Preferred Labor Force Abroad, but Productivity in Rp Low

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Case Study: The puzzle of the Filipino Laborer: Pinoys most preferred labor force abroad, but productivity in RP Low

To be able to solve the puzzle, I would like to look at Pinoy as a product. And I would like to treat the Republic of the Philippines, Head of Department Education as the Operation Manager (OM).
The objective of the operation manager is to be able to develop set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and service by transforming inputs and outputs. Now in order for the operations manager to achieve its purpose OM has to look and define where the government would like to focus?
Differentiation, rapid response or low costs and then OM needs to check the 10 decisions that he needs to make.

First are the goods and service designs. OM needs to assess what can the government offer to the local market and to the international market? OM has to look at the current businesses in the country and in the international market and the demands in the next 5, 10 years and so. When the OM has all the relevant information (competence needed in the market etc) then OM needs to summarize and build up his priority (using the house of quality tool) and proceed to next step/consideration. After doing this activity the OM should be able to answer and give the public advice on what skills or education they need in the next 5 to 10 years e.g IT related courses, Hospitality, Business or any other Technical Courses and info similar to life cycle of these courses.

Second consideration is the process design, capacity or the educational program that the OM needs to implement in the Philippines considering the impact on each stakeholder. Just recently, in the Philippines the K to 12 program was introduced as there was a study that there are plenty of jobs available in the market where formal college education is not necessary only relevant skills are…...

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