The Kurds in Syria, a Struggle for Self-Determination

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The Kurds in Syria, a struggle for self-determination

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Chapter 1
Setting up an own state_______________________________________________5

Chapter 2
The Kurds in Syria and their claim for an own state_________________________7




The Kurds have always dreamed of their own state which they call Kurdistan. Kurdistan is located in the Middle-East and is divided over 4 countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. In 1920, the Kurds were close to establishing their own state because the foundation of a Kurdish state was mentioned in the Treaty of Sevres. However, after some discussion of other involving parties, the Treaty of Sevres was replaced in 1923 by the treaty of Lausanne, in which the Kurds were neglected. This excluded the establishment of a Kurdish state. Years of revolt went by and although the Kurds have tried to become independent, an own internationally recognized state was never established. Syria was no exception, the Kurds were suppressed by the Syrian government. For example on 23 august 1962, when as a result of a decision of the government, 120000 Kurds lost their Syrian citizenship.

But then, in 2010 the first protests in Tunisia started and these demonstrations turned out to be the beginning of wider protests within the Arab countries. After Tunisia, protests followed in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria. The Arab spring in Syria began 15 march 2011 with huge demonstrations against the current regime of the Baath-party of Assad. The Kurds did not immediately support the…...

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