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The Importance of Marketing to Organisations in the Twenty-First Century

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Students are to individually complete a 3,000-word report entitled, ‘The Importance of Marketing to Organisations in the Twenty-First Century’. The report should:

1. Provide a case study of one organization which will provide the focus of the report, i.e. show via any one organization what marketing is, how this organization uses marketing strategies and techniques, why marketing is essential to this organization and how its use of marketing has changed and will change in the future. Theoretical models should be applied throughout. The case study should be integrated throughout the report with an analysis of the marketing process.
2. Be written, organized and laid out in an appropriate business report-like structure and format. (This will be discussed in lectures and seminars)
3. Contain recent material from the reading list and other relevant sources (including the media).
4. Use marketing models and examples throughout.
5. Contain a history and definition of modern marketing.
6. Explain the functions of marketing.
7. Describe the marketing process with particular emphasis on the development of integrated marketing strategies by organizations.
8. State why marketing is fundamental to the successful operations of an organization.
9. Outline recent changes in marketing and expected developments and challenges in the coming century. Developments in both technology and society are fundamental here.

· Provide a personal statement (from each member of the group) outlining what the participant has learned and gained from preparing and completing the presentation/report, what was felt to be the strengths of the work and how the work would be performed differently of done again in the future. This should be around four hundred words in length.

The report is to be submitted on 25th March, no later than noon 12.00 - in the office of the School of Business…...

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