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The Impact of Mobile Marketing to Make Customer Loyal

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The impact of mobile marketing to make the customers loyal - a case study of KFC

1.0 Introduction:
Mobile marketing has moved the customer to involve and loyal to the organization to create the next level of business opportunities. The consumers are likely to be carrying their mobile devices with them in a standby state, they are more likely to receive and absorb the message on the spot.
According to (), advertisements for restaurants and food boast the highest response rates of all SMS advertising. On average, 16 % of those receiving an advert for a restaurant are likely to respond, while 13 % of those receiving an offer for food – such as a grocery coupon – will show interest.
According to Nic Covey, Nielsen Mobile’s Director of Insights, Nielsen finds that 13 % of mobile users both recall and respond to mobile ads.
In terms of methods of response:
25 % of mobile ad respondents sent an SMS message
13 % sent an MMS (picture SMS)
11 % sent an email
9 % visited a Web or mobile site
7 % responded to click-to-call
According to notes that: “Encouragingly, among those who did not recall or respond to mobile ads, only 10 % cited privacy concerns as their reason for not responding. Just 2 % said their data connection was too slow.”
Recent study shows that over 50% of the chain restaurants have website optimized for mobile device. This study will assess the effectiveness of the mobile marketing over customer loyalty to the organization. The customer organization relationship can make the clear cut difference of the business sustainability and constant vertical growth.
1.1 Significance of the study:
According to (), “Success of an organization completely depends upon the right strategy for marketing.” There are different marketing techniques followed by the companies to increase the market share and make the customers satisfied. According to…...

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