The Harbor of Dieppe

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“The Harbor of Dieppe”

“The Harbor of Dieppe” is one of many naturalistic paintings by Joseph Mallard William Turner. “The Harbor of Dieppe” is an oil on canvas painting by an English Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner. It was painted and exhibited in 1826 however its current home is at the Frick Collection in New York. Like many other paintings of the 19th century Romanticism Movement “The Harbor of Dieppe” illustrates a painting of nature and city landscape that is captured in its true existence. In this painting Turner captures an amazing natural phenomena, which is the rising of a powerful sun that embraces together the city of Dieppe.

“The Harbor of Dieppe” is an enormous painting, measuring a 68x88 (inches) rectangle. The painting represents a busy French port in the city of Dieppe. Numerous ships are docked along the shore and people represented in the painting are all busy, getting ready to accomplish all of the work that the day light brings. On the right side of the picture plain, there are hundreds of people lined up along the docks. Some can be seen trying to get their goods loaded onto the ship and others trying to get a glance at the merchandises that has arrived from around the world. The two women on the right foreground are working together to bring goods out from the ships and into the city; they seem to be unloading cooking dishes, picture frames and other valuables. Not all characters in the painting are busy at work, some are just sitting in the balconies of building and just staring down at the crowds that gathers outside. A few woman in the painting are just having fun trying to steal the working guys attention. For example on the first ship in the picture plain, there is a young lady, playing with her feet in the water and the guy above her working in the ship is…...

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