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The Esprit Atlas Project

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Patrick Walsh and Adamantios Koumpis

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The Esprit ATLAS Project


wo European research technology development (RTD) managers of IT companies have been brainstorming for half a day. Lots of food has been consumed, exhausted secretaries and junior project managers of the two teams are praying for the meeting to end. The two senior execs have not joined efforts for the new product idea that initially seemed so exciting in previous communications they had via email. On the other hand, they do not wish to leave the meeting without making a decision. Time passes, and at one point, a new junior staffer tosses out an idea: Why not make a
European project out of it? The idea was accepted with relief by all—especially the two RTD managers—and after almost a year, a two-and-a-halfyear-long project was launched, with the goal of potential commercial marketability.
End of story.

their ability to use the most innovative software, thus significantly enhancing their business performance. CSK Software of Ireland acts as the Provic/er, whose aim is to increase its ability to convert the promising application of its Slingshot {, real-time push technology product into wide adoption and marketplace success. The fourth partner, Prutech Innovation Services, also of Ireland, acts as the Enah/er, whose role is to close the technology transfer loop between the Provider and the
Users by providing necessary technical and business support services.
Slingshot is already well known in the European fmancial services sector, for which it was designed.
But Slingshot's unique capabilities also are ideal for use in many other sectors. The primary objective of the ATLAS project is to initiate the extension of Slingshots use into other parts of the wider This scenario is only the begining of
Internet/Extranet/Intranet world. In…...

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