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The Comfort Zone

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There were so many events in my life that I had to take a courageous step to come out of

my comfort zone. Some of them include moving to U.S. from my native country, attending

school in America, the first time performing on stage for a school play, my first swimming

lesson, starting my own business, and pursuing my MBA degree. On the other hand, there are

still certain things I dared not to step out of my comfort zone; things like riding the roller coaster,

dining in the restaurant by myself, and learning to say “No” to other people.

Every time when I am facing with a choice of whether to stay put with my limitations or

expand it out of my comfort zone; I begin to look into my fears, personal limits, and

boundaries. Many times the reasons why I wouldn’t step of the box because I could not predict

what the final outcome is going to be, and I wasn’t ready for change in my lives. There were

moments that I would prefer to stay where I was in life and just hope that something grand would

come my way in the very near future. Yet, I know that there is more for me to do with my lives.

As I replay the moments I stepped out of my comfort zone, they actually felt great. I felt I had

just conquered my fear of something like being afraid of water, being shy, accepting and

encountering challenges in a new environment, change, and taking risks.

As I expand my comfort zone, it is that slightly over the boundary of comfort; but I am

controlling it. I can stop it any time, but I do not because I am enjoying the feeling of being

slightly uncomfortable. I am pushing the limits. I have stretched myself beyond my

limitations. My experience was that if I had done something that was scary first time round then

I had to do it again and again. Each time it became easier. Thus, this increased my confidence,

energy and motivation, finding new perspectives and a greater sense of achievement and

fulfillment. The feeling I got after stepping out of my comfort zone is one that is scary and

exciting all at the same time. Each time I expand my comfort zone, it offers me a new

view, a new opportunity to grow and learn. Sometimes, it is an uncomfortable feeling to step

outside of my comfort zone because it is taking a chance on something new. It takes me away

from the secure and familiar way of thinking that I have been so used to. I know change is rarely

easy, but is always an opportunity and is sometimes necessary for me in order to move to the

next level. Change expands my thoughts and ideas and explores new people, places, things and

view points from the ordinary.

To accept life’s invitation to act with courage, I will constantly remind myself what I am

meant to be, do and accomplish – my mission and vision that I have create for myself. I will

embrace fear, and look forward to taking on a new challenge and mastering my nerves. I will

stop procrastinating. I will promise myself that I am going to get started and put it in writing. I

will work out a realistic timescale and stick to my deadlines. No matter how big or small my

dreams are, I am not going to feel totally happy until I have at least tried to achieve them. I

won’t end up regretting doing the things I care about because I was too scared or didn’t make

time for them.

In many ways, taking an online course is a reflection of what is going on in our world, as

we continue to be in fluctuation with technology, the workplace, the global economy, and our

sense of who we are in the world. Therefore, as a Capella learner, I will need to find guides in

all shapes and forms as I move forward in my online course. Sometimes my guide will be my

instructors or my academic advisor. Sometimes my guide will be a fellow student. More times

than not, I will be my own guide. To be my own guide requires courage. I will need to risk

myself, and be willing to develop supportive social relationships within the course. This requires

that I confront some of my deepest fear and expand my comfort zone. As I turn in my work,

share my thoughts and work publicly, and process the thoughts and comments of others, it is

very important to develop self-confidence and self-reflection. By doing so, I will need to slow

down and tell myself I will not rush to judgment either of others or of myself. I will need to be

patient with myself. I will need to focus on developing an “I can do it!” attitude, and similarly,

find ways to foster a “You can do it!” mood in collaborate online activities, including discussion


In my experience, it is the people I have met along my journey that have helped to shape

my future and narrow the scope of my career. It is within the social, academic and networking

opportunities that I have made invaluable relationships that will no doubt change my future.…...

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