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Principle of Terrorism

Terrorists always justify the means by the end

1) No matter how horrific the act it is justifiable to the terrorists as a means to achieve their goals.
2) Common concepts of law, ethics, morality, logic or religion do not apply to terrorists.
3) The creation of terror, mass hysteria and to demonstrate the powerlessness of government are all designed to force submission to the terrorist goals.
4) Terrorists do not view themselves as terrorists.

21 July 1972 - "Bloody Friday"

An IRA bomb killed 11 and injured 130 people in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 10 days later 3 car bomb attacks in the village of Claudy left 6 dead.

5 September 1972 - "Munich Olympic Massacre"

8 Palestinian "Black September" terrorists seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic games being held at Munich, West Germany. In a bungled rescue attempt by West German authorities 9 of the hostages and 5 terrorists are killed.

Terrorists may or may not have the ability to carry out their act.

1) If the terrorist does not have to have the ability to carry out the act they only need to convince you that they have the ability (hoax).
2) May result in backlash against the terrorist group if the attack is too horrific.
3) Sometimes by forcing the government to take protective measures the terrorist can gain publicity and effect the public without actually launching an attack.

Effects of September 11th

1) ARNG guards the airports and the borders.
2) Numerous terrorist threat warnings issued by the FBI and Dept of Transportation.
3) Restructuring of the entire US Intelligence community.
4) Created Bureau of Homeland Defense.
5) Mass hysteria in response to Anthrax attacks.
6) US launches the Global War on Terrorism.
7) Preoccupation with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Terrorist calculations and planning…...

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