Technology as Mediation for Communication

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Today the world is seeing massive changes in the way people communicate with each other. Gone are the days of letters, telegrams and trunk calls, technology is slowly but surely seeping into our lives and making its presence felt.
Digital technology supports human interaction in several ways. Communication channels such as email, newsgroups, and buddy lists are examples of “direct” computer-mediated interaction. A wider range of technologies support human interaction by increasing awareness of actions, possibilities for action, tools for and products of action, and contexts of activity..
Technology has become a vital source of information today. When a person needs information about any topic the first thing they turn to is the internet. The Google search engine is considered one of the greatest technological developments of the 21st century. It is used so frequently and at such a great level that the term “Just Google it” has become one of the greatest and most frequently used catchphrases of time. The great geographical divide too has been conquered with the help of social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook which are bringing together people with greater ease.

In today’s time, the digital platforms such as Google search engine, WhatsApp and Facebook have been acting as a boon for the people. Google search engine is being highly praised for its enormous uses. It helps translate languages so people can understand what others are saying even if they don't speak the same language. It also helps us to get any information that we want and enables the society to learn about the latest and the newest developments that are taking place in this fast developing world. Even though it is said to be one of the most useful mediums of learning, critics say that it is also hindering intellectual growth. The search engine prompts are helping people…...

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