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Question #1 The coaching staff at the newly racially integrated T.C. Williams high school was one that was assembled from different schools in segregated communities. Upon receiving their coaching positions, they did not yet have a unified culture of beliefs, assumptions, or feelings because they didn’t know each other and had not worked together.
Coach Boone’s values were clear from the beginning; race was not to be considered. Those who work hard enough and do what is expected will play football. Those who do not, will sit on the bench. The same was expected from the coaching staff; if they did not want to be there, they were free to go. Coach Boone was fine finding another staff member who was willing to fill the role. He displayed his values at all times to the coaching staff and the players and never swerved from that standard.
Coach Yoast’s values were not so consistent. He started the movie angry that he had proven himself as a winning coach over the years yet didn’t get the head coaching position. To add to this, he had lost the head coaching position to a black man who offered Yoast a position as the defensive coordinator. Yoast expressed frustration about working under the newly appointed black head coach but Boone made it clear that they would be alongside each other. Yoast’s original plans were to quit to find a coaching position at another school, but his loyalty to his players, many of whom he had coached since they were little boys, became the deciding factor for his decision to stay. He also voiced frustration about his players losing their positions to black players. It was apparent that Coach Yoast’s values reflected someone who cares a great deal about his men and was willing to fight for them. Although not aggressively or outspokenly racist, it was clear that racism was a factor in his relationship with…...

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