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In this Chapter * Introduction * Make Today Better * Design The Future * Raising The Bar * Performance against Past Targets

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Targets & Performance
We are clear on our ultimate destination: To decouple profitable growth from constrained resources.
Our vision of the future is one in which we see a world in transition from an industrial economy to a sustainable economy – where renewable sources of energy flourish, water is borrowed responsibly and returned clean to communities, waste is a new asset, workers across the industry are consistently valued and environmental impact will be a critical metric of success.
This is a future that will be good for business, economies and communities, and citizens, workers and consumers. And we are determined to set Nike up to lead and thrive, in this environment.
In order to get there, we will need to move from incremental to disruptive innovation. Our aim of decoupling growth from constrained resources will require change at a systems-wide level. No single company can eliminate toxic chemicals from vast supply chains, nor improve living conditions of workers in low-income communities, nor eliminate waste from consumption. We need step change in collaboration to drive collective understanding of the systemic issues we face and agreement on the solutions. Competitive advantage should be built on a sustainable playing field where getting better faster than the competition raises the bar for everyone. That will require relentless focus on systems innovation and collaboration across government, industry, social influencers and even consumers. It also will require putting sustainability at the…...

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