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The United States is fat. The fruit and juice industry is a 3 billion dollar industry that needs to be addressed by my company Sun Tan. The indoor tanning industry is a 5 billion dollar industry serving more than 30 million Americans. We intend to merge these two productive industries under one roof and reap the benefits of a combined 7-8 billion dollar industry. From 2001 to 2006 smoothie sales grew at a rate of 82%. People need somewhere they can go and get a quick tan followed by a refreshing healthy beverage or meal replacement. Busy people find ways to work more efficiently in order to achieve desired results; that includes tanning then reaching for a refreshing beverage. Sun Tan is a full service smoothie café and tanning salon offering a fun Polynesian theme including healthy snacks and collectibles.
The smoothie and tanning industry are some of the fastest growing industries in history. Few shops offer both tanning and smoothies in one location. You can find such business endeavors on each coast, but not here in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex. Dallas has the perfect demographic makeup to support such an undertaking. The target market for this opportunity is actually comprised of a couple of different groups. Primarily the targets are 18-34 year olds and women. Generation X and Y consumers are demonstrating a huge concern with nutrition and fitness that separates them from the Baby Boomers and older generations. Smoothies have emerged as the best vehicle for providing heath-oriented consumers with a complete, convenient option for a tasty meal or refreshing snack that is also packed with nutrition. In addition, Sun Tan will also be a great place to get a tan.
There are a couple of places currently that have a smoothie offering, but none will be even close to the fresh amazing smoothies and tanning that will be available at a one-stop-shop…...

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