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Highest, Longest, Largest, Tallest, Biggest of India
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The Longest River The Longest Canal The Longest Dam The Longest River Bridge The Longest Sea Beach The Longest River without delta The Longest Railway Platform The Longest Road The Longest National Highway The Longest Tunnel The Longest River of Southern India The Biggest River Island The Biggest conti lover bridge The Biggest Stadium The Biggest Church The Highest Lake The Highest Dam The Highest Road The Highest Airport The Highest Award The Highest Gallantry Award The Highest Battlefield The Highest Peak

The Ganga (2525k m) Indira Gandhi Canal (Rajasthan) 649k m Hirakud dam (Odisha) 26km Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna (5.57km) Marine Beach (Chennai) (13km) Narmada and Tapti Kharagpur - 1.072km (W.B.) Grand Trunk Road (Kolkata to Delhi) NH 7 (Varanasi to Kanyakumari) Jawahar Tunnel Banhilal Pass (J & K) Godavari (1465km) Majuli , Brahmaputra River (Assam) Rabindra Setu or Howrah bridge Yuva Bharti, Salt lake Stadium Saint cathedral at old Goa Devtal Lake Bhakra Dam on Sutlej river Road at Khardungla (in Leh Manali sector) Leh Airport (Ladakh) Bharat Ratna Param Vir Chakra Siachen Glacier Godwin Austin

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The Highest Gateway The Highest Waterfall The Largest Fresh Water lake The Largest lake The Largest Saline Water lake The Largest Desert The Largest Delta The Largest Zoo The Largest Gurudwara The Largest Cave Temple The Largest Mosque The Largest Auditorium The Largest Animal Fair The Largest Cave The Largest Public Sector Bank The Biggest River Islands The Deepest River Valley The State with Longest Coastline The Most Populous City The Tallest Statue The Tallest TV Tower The State with maximum Forest areas The Oldest Church The Longest Corridor

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One of the seven wonder in India The Fastest Train in India The Biggest Dome in India

Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri Jog Garsoppa Kolleru lake (Andhra Pradesh) Wular lake (J & K) Chilka lake (Odisha) Thar (Rajasthan) Sunderban (Paschim Banga) Zoological Garden (Kolkata) Golden Temple (Amritsar) Kailash Temple (Ellora Temple) Jama Masjid (Delhi) Sri Shanmukhananda Hall Sonepur (Bihar) Amarnath (J&K) State Bank of India Majuli (Brahmaputra, Assam) Bhagirathi & Alakananda Gujarat Mumbai (Maharastra) Gomateswar (Karnataka) Pitampura (New Delhi) Madhya Pradesh (11.24%) St Thomas Church at Palayur Trichur (Kerala) Corridor of Ramanathaswami temple at Rameshwaram (Tamil nadu) Taj Mahal Shatabdi Express Gol Gumbaj (Bijapur, Karnataka)…...

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