Take Me to the King

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Take me to the kingZumunga on da track I kill dis shit
Fuck live in a life a build dis shit
N ain't got a worry or a milly yet
Aint entitled to a thing but my death n ma whip that's hop trill it get
More than half way I owe the bank n ma pocket n ain't mail it yet
N I'm still legit
Niggas ain't make it to the top
Cuz they potential wasn't maxim now they just relaxin at the bottom n they still up set
I improv better than the shit they prep

I hate a mother fucker that do too much
N can't do too much
Talk much and can't prove too much
Claim life hard n ain't been through too much
N sympathize wit chu but don't give two fucks existing but really don't live too much
We live in a time where people rather reminisce on a time then just live in a time
It could just be the end of the time
All goes down hill
Still we'll remember the climb
Cant show much for wat I did wit ma time
So don't expect for me to be patient n just wait for ma time
Ain't waitin in line
Or wasting a line
Or erasin a line
Dam sure ain't tracin a line
Wanna give thanx to ma mom
Fuck it give thanx to ma pop
That whopping to ma ass really kept me straight n in line
Never had it rough
Cuz we always prayed we'd be fine In go I trust
For green I lust
For mine I'll bust
For u good…...

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