Takata’s Faulty Airbags Still Exact Toll as Recalls Lag

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Takata’s Faulty Airbags Still Exact Toll as Recalls Lag
1: I believe that in order to lower the toll of faulty airbags, the drivers should beware of how they are driving. Drivers should be more focused on their safety then answering phone calls and texts. During an inspection, when the driver is informed that their airbag is defaulted they should order a new air bag and during the waiting time frame try to use a different transportation, and if there is no other source of transportation, then be extra careful when driving. Such as no texting, no speeding, no answering calls.

2. What the airbag company should do is get affiliated with well build car mechanics and have them change the airbag for them instead of the company doing it itself. So, when the company is informed about a deflated airbag they should immediately send an airbag to the closest mechanic next to the customer. There the mechanic changes the airbag and his fees will be paid by the company.

“The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare”

1. What is PFOA and how did DuPont use it? Is PFOA a danger to the environment? How? If PFOA was/is a danger to the environment, why didn’t DuPont stop using it?

PFOA is short for perfluorooctanoic acid. DuPont started purchasing PFOA from 3M for use in the manufacturing of Teflon. 3M invented PFOA just four years earlier; it was used to keep coatings like Teflon from clumping during production. PFOA’s chemical structure made it uncannily resistant to degradation. It also bound to plasma proteins in the blood, traveling through each organ in the body. An internal safety limit for PFOA concentration in drinking water: one part per billion. The same year, DuPont found that water in one local district contained PFOA levels at three times that figure. Despite internal debate, it declined to make the information public. DuPont decided…...

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