Synthesis of Bariatric Surgery and the Effects on Comorbidities

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Synthesis of Bariatric Surgery and the Effects on Comorbidities

This synthesis of literature provides a summary of the data that has been collected over the years through experimentation, literature reviews, qualitative research, and the results that have been construed from that data will be presented. It discusses the concept of the effects of bariatric surgery and answers the question - do people who have the surgery have better health outcomes, specifically with hypertension and type II diabetes mellitus, than those who do not? A summary of research reveals that there is a significant reduction and/or total remission of both of these co-morbidities that were often life long. Other benefits, such as quality of life, social standings, and healthcare cost reduction are examined and positively reported. Review of current data to include strengths and weaknesses, conceptual frameworks, and the current state of knowledge reveal that bariatric procedures have shown the efficacy and safety in the treatment of morbid obesity and have gained wider acceptance in the medical world.

Synthesis of Bariatric Surgery and the Effects on Comorbidities For years people have turned to diets in an effort to lose weight and get healthier. At no time has that been more the case than in America today. People spend billions of dollars a year trying to lose weight and the numbers are not encouraging. The prevalence in obesity with related Type II Diabetes and Hypertension is growing at an alarming rate, calling for other alternatives such as crash diets and extreme exercise plans.
People have now turned to a new method to lose weight. Bariatric surgery, in all its forms, offers and alternative to what people have been trying to do on their own (Arterburn et al., 2013). There has been an abundance of research on the subject, with…...

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