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Swot Analysis of Reliance Communication

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Introducing the Quiz team
Calling the teams
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1. Simple Round- +10 for a direct Q and +5 for a question answered on a pass. 10 secs for a direct Q and 5 secs for a question on a pass 2. Flags round- +10 for getting it right & - 5 for getting it wrong. No passing 3. First response heard is taken as the answer 4. Quizmaster decision binding and final
Rounds for Semi Finals (two) 1. Kuch bhi chalega round- 2 iterations; simple [total 4Qs+ 4Qs + 2 Res(Audience) Qs] 2. Dhandhe ka funda- 2 iterations; simple [total 4Qs+ 4Qs + 2 Res(Audience) Qs] 3. Ankhon ankhon mein- 1 iterations; Flag [total 4Qs+ 2 Res(Audience) Qs]

Rounds for Final 1. Taaja Khabar- 2 iterations; simple [total 4Qs+ 4Qs + 2 Res(Audience) Qs] 2. Soordas- 1 iteration; simple [total 4Qs+ 2 Res(Audience) Qs] 3. ‘Dunia Dekho’- 1 iteration; Flag [total 4Qs+ 2 Res(Audience) Qs] 4. ‘Chehre pe chehra’ round- 1 iterations; Flag [total 4Qs+ 2 Res(Audience) Qs] 5. Golibari- 1 iteration; simple [total 30 Qs]

1. This awards ceremony selected Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator” for the Best Film award and actress Imelda Staunton for the Best Actress award for her role in “Vera Drake”. Which awards are we talking about? BAFTA*
Explanatory Answer
The Aviator” soared at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts ) Awards, taking four prizes including best film. Mike Leigh’s “Vera Drake” won three prizes at the London awards which are considered an important pre-Oscars bellwether. Leigh was named best director. The Aviator also won a best supporting actress award for Cate Blanchett, as well as prizes for production design and best hair and makeup.

2. Which private sector airline that was in news for an IPO recently, is owned by Tail Winds, an entity registered in offshore tax haven Isle of Mann? Jet Airways*

3. Gutkha kings Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal and Jagdish M. Joshi are on the most wanted list of the Mumbai police for their alleged links with India’s most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim. Which brand of gutkha is Joshi famous for? Goa*

4. Indian and Pakistan are in a slugfest over India’s 450-megawatt Baglihar hydel power project which Pak says reduces its share of water and violates the decades old Indus Water Treaty between the two countries that was signed by PM Jawaharlal Nehru and President Ayub Khan. Which tributary of the Indus is the hydel power project on?
Explanatory Answer
Pakistan says the project on the Chenab river, violates the provisions of the World Bank-brokered Indus Water Treaty between the two countries. According to the treaty, Pakistan has exclusive use of the Indus, Jhelum and Chenab rivers while India has access to the Ravi, Beas and Sutlej rivers.


5. What is India born and Canada based scientist T S Murthy, in news recently for a major environmental system, famous for?
Tsunami Warning System*
Explanatory Answer
Murthy played a key role in setting up the Pacific Tsunami Warning System in 1965.. Murthy has suggested Visakhapatanam in Andhra Pradesh as the ideal location for setting up the tsunami warning system.

6. Who was appointed as the new chief of India’s external espionage agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)? Hormis Tharakan
Explanatory Answer
Kerala police chief Hormis Tharakan as the new chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the external intelligence agency, in place of C D Sahay, who retired in Jan.
7. Which well known historian was in news for declining the Padma Bhushan award recently?
Romila Thapar*
Explanatory Answer
Romila Thapar declined the honour for the second time after 1992. She says “In 1992, I was given precisely this award. I decided I would stay with academic and professional awards and not accept state awards....and I declined.”

8. President of which sports body was in news for winning in the Assembly elections held in Haryana recently?BCCI*
Explanatory Answer
Ranbir Mahendra is the new BCCI President whose appointment was cleared by the Supreme Court recently.

9. Amrish Puri, the quintenssial bad man of the silver screen who passed away recently, is the only Indian to have acted in a film by Spielberg, following which he received a letter of commendation from the Oscar award winning director. Which film are we talking about?
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom*
Explanatory Answer
Characteristically, Amrish Puri played the role of the villain Mota Ram who takes on Harrison Ford’s hero in the Spielberg sequel Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

10. In which private sector Indian power company has Alstom of France acquired a 10% stake recently? Torrent Power*
SoorDas Round
One participant will be blindfolded and will be taken to the edge of the stage. The other will be given a product or its pack. The 2nd participant should give verbal clues to the 1st participant and the 1st participant will be required to guess the brand name. However the person offering clues can not speak some taboo words which are given to him. 5 secs for him to consider, 15 seconds for clues and 10 seconds for response. You can’t break words Only one response permitted. Marking like any other simple round. No passing

Motorola Phone
Taboo: Mobile, Phone, Motorola
Clues: Product is something you talk on while on the move. The company is American electronics major, no. 3-4 in Indian market in this product

1. Ariel- Taboo- washing, detergent, Ariel
2. Clinic Plus- Clinic, Plus, Shampoo
3. Philips Bulb- bulb, philips
4. The Hindu- News, Hindu,
5. Pepsodent -
Duniya Dekho Round

1. Jama Masjid
2. Petronas Towers
3. Sanchi Stoop
Emperor Ashoka built eight stupas here in the 3rd century BC
4. Mangolia

5. Audience - Egypt

Chehre Pe Chehra Round

1. Ram Vilas Paswan & Michael Dell 2. Sania Mirza & Sushma Swaraj 3. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Pandit Ravi Shankar 4. Sunil Gavaskar & Shakti Kapoor

5. Audience - Mukesh Ambani & Anil Ambani 6. Audience - Madhubala & Sonali Bendre

Rapid Fire

I Set

1. Calculation; What is : square of product of (- 2) and 3 Ans: 36

2. Science; The colour of sky is blue due to _________________ of light Ans: Scattering of light

3. Name the product with the following punch line ------ Punchline: for journey called life? : Ans; Chevrolet Optra

4. Spell the word : Renaissance

5. Ans in Yes or No; TIME was the first weekly was magazine in the world '' yes/ No Ans: Yes

6. He has taken highest number of wickets in test cricket. Who is he? ANs. Shane Warn

Rapid Fire

II Set

1. Calculation; What is 12 ½ % of 64…………… Ans : 8

2. Science: Momentum is product of mass & Ans: Velocity

3. Name the product with the following punch line ------ Your partner for life: Ans; New york life max

4. Spell the word: Rendezvous

5. Ans in Yes or No; MS '' DOS, a Microsoft product was initially named as Interface Manager '' yes /No ANs: No. it was MS-Windows
6. This tennis player has won sixteen straight finals. Who is he?

Rapid Fire


1 Calculate 75 X 75 Ans : 5625

2 Science; Which vitamin is produced by the action of U-V rays on the skin '' Ans: vitamin D.

3 Spell the word : committee

4. Jo biwi se kare Pyar wo kis se Karen na inkar: Prestige pressure cooker

5. Ans in Yes or No; “Made in America” is the story of Sam Waltor as CEO '' yes

6. He was voted as the ICC test player for the year. Who is he?

Rapid Fire

IV Set

1. What do the numbers on the opposite faces on a dice add up to Ans- 7

2 In colour blindness; with which colour is red confused. Ans '' Green

3. Spell the word: fluorescent

4. Name the product with the following punch line -------Hum hai na: Ans; ICICI bank

5. Ans in Yes or No; ‘In the shadow of Mahatama’ is auto biolography of JD TATA an Indian industrialist '' YES /NO Ans :Yes

6. He is the second India after Praksh Padukone to win All England. Who is he?

Rapid Fire

V Set
1. Calculate: square of nine raise to half Ans: 9

2 Poise is the unit for which physical quantity Ans: Viscosity

3. Spell the word: Subservient

4. Name the product with the following punch line -----------------Count on us------ Ans; Maruti Suzuki

5 Ans in Yes or No; Mitsubishi the name of a Japanese automobile giant in Japanese means three diamonds. Ans yes

Extra Qs.: 4. Mercury is closest to sun

1. Alta vista a search engine means ‘a view’ from above’.

2. ‘M’ in Roman Numerals represents Hundred '' Yes/No……Ans: No. It represents thousand.

1. In geometry Chord is the line going any two parts on a curul

Lucky Loosers '' Print ads

1. ITC Hotels 2. Kinetic Zing '' Hawa Nikal DE 3. Raymaonds PARX 4. Medikar

5. Audience - Wranglers Flexibles 6. Audience - Motorola…...

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