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Superannuation and Regulations

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AYB240 Superannuation Regulation and Practice
Semester 1, 2014
Research Project
Due 5pm Monday 28 April, 2014

Name: Sheshna Chand
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The focus of this report is to compare different superannuation funds and recommend the best option for Emily. In this report the following six super funds will be compared including: * Australian Super * Australian Ethical Retail * Club Plus * Commonwealth Essential Super * HOSTPLUS * Sunsuper
Also an analysis of the MySuper and other investment options available within that fund will be compared for her to invest in.

2.0 Choosing a Super fund
Choosing a super fund is an important decision to make and need to be researched properly as it will impact on your retirement income. Before choosing a superannuation fund, Emily should consider the following factors:

2.1 Investment Performance
“Super is a long-term investment, so it’s important to look for a fund with the discipline and consistency to generate strong returns over the longer term” (Commonwealth, 2014). A comparison of the investment performance for the six super funds over the period of ten years was done to gain a true insight into its probable performance.
Figure 1: Investment Return (%)
Source: Chant West, Super AppleCheck, (March 2014)

As demonstrated in graph above, the three best performing super funds are Australian Super, HOSTPLUS and Sunsuper with a growth rate of over 17 per cent in year 2013. These funds have delivered positive returns compared to the other super funds with significantly less volatility. However, during the 7th year all funds growth rate had declined due to financial crisis but they managed to improve from there onwards.

When choosing a super fund, Emily should look for a fund with consistent performance over a period of…...

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