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Summary Of Elbow’s Paragraphs Dr. Peter Elbow, well known as a college teacher who had taught at several universities, including some famous universities; for example, M.I.T. and SUNY at Stony brook. In Professor Elbow’s two paragraphs, he described and explained the way to do a free writing and desperation writing, which were both helpful to reader writing in future. In short, free writing is doing an unplanned writing without stops and thinks. The main point of free writing was to keep writing, and try to not to make a stop. Also, writer didn’t need to edit the paragraph while in process writing; sometimes, it was even incoherent. And the non-edit function also became the advantage of free writing because most of time people were being stuck in how to write the paragraph right, which would omit the content of the paragraph. Therefore, Dr. Elbow encouraged writer to apply free writing to improve writing. In addition, free writing is considered a workout to the writing; the more you do the more your writing gets shaped. As to desperation writing, it is a method to help people who have had trouble writing; or to save people who were hard to produce a coherent speech or thought. The main point and key of this method is to keep writing as though you were drunk. Keep on doing this until you will find out that there are some usable materials on your paper. Moreover, you can take a piece of paper or pad or card to write down your ideas, feelings, thoughts, perceptions, etc. this would help you build up your writing ability as well. Afterwards, you reorganize the papers or cards and you will receive some new ideas, which should be the return of your work. And it will give you more inspiration. And just keep on writing, make as many as metaphor as you can to improve and build up your paragraph. And keep on practicing the exercises, your will…...

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