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Stress by Students

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When studying for exams students are normally under a lot of pressure and commonly confonted with exam stress. Exam period is extremly stressful for many students and some of them are so stressed that they undeperfom, but this doesn't occur because the lack of their abilities but because they have to cope with high level of exam stress. They are under a pressure of possible failure, or unsuccess which results in underperformance.

Exam stress is result of many causes, student emotions combined with their thought and several other factors can create high levels of exam stress. Thre of the most common factors are Competition, Negative Thinking and Low Self Confidence.

This is important factor that can result in exam stress because during that period there is more competition amongst students. This might be because the results of exam will play important rule in acceptance for higher levels of education. Higher exam results can also ensure prolonging or getting new scholarship and other potential consequences of failing exam or achieving lower scores than other students can create exam stress.

Negative Thinking
Be positive and avoid negative thinking.nNegative taughts that occur during exams are important factor that causes exam stress. You shouldn't think how difficult is the exam, how long is the study literature , how hard it is to acquire all the neccessary knowledge or how failure will result in less prosperous future. Start thinging on the positive side of the situation and evaluate what are the advantages of passing the exam not dissadvantages of failure. Only by positive thinking and focus on our goals we can reduce the pressure of exam stress and in some cases even prevent it from evolving.

Lack of Self Confidence
This is probably one of the main factors that cause exam stress…...

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