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Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different. Michael Porter, view on 8th April 2014, (
In the long term, the major objective for operations and processes is to provide the business with some form of strategic advantage. This is why the management of business’s processes and operations and its intended overall strategy must be logically connected.
Operations strategy can be defined as a pattern of decisions and actions that shapes the long- term vision, objectives and capabilities of the operation and its contribution to overall strategy.
But strategies are not always easy to identify. This is because of their intangible nature and the length of time taken for them to be realized. Nevertheless operations strategies can be identified by what they should do.
First it should provide a vision for the operation’s resources to contribute to the business as a whole. Secondly it should define the exact means of the operation’s performance objectives. Third it should identify the broad decisions that will help the operations achieve its objectives.
The operations strategy must connect from top (Corporate level) and the bottom (experience learnt) of the business.
Strategic operations must align market requirements with operations resources. Dell is a good example of market-resource alignment.
Operations strategy must set a path for improvement which clearly indicating how the improvement is to take place. This is best addressed by the trade-off between performance objectives in terms of the “efficient frontier” model. (Chapter 2, pg. 34-35).

Executive Summary
The rate at which organisations learn may soon become their only sustainable source of competitive advantage. (Peter Senge.)
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an…...

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