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Selected Thesis Topics for BScBA students Bachelor´s Thesis 2013-2014
Please use this list of the fields of International Business for thesis work and potential thesis topics when choosing and informing us the field of your thesis + the thesis topic in the form Indication of Interest Area for Thesis 2013-2014.

Part 1. Thesis topics for companies and other organizations
We have first listed the thesis projects that are available to do for companies and organizations. If you are interested in these projects, please mark the topic to the Indication of Interest Area form the same way than any other topic. It should be noted that the students selected to do the thesis from these topics must be motivated and committed for the work. Please do not contact these organizations yourself before the selection process has been completed for all students. More information on topics can be asked from Mari Syväoja or Tomi Heimonen. Organization: Thesis Biofenno projects for ( companies and organizations Selected Thesis Topics for companies and organizations

Internationalization plan Plan how to take and promote product Tuovi Tuotevirtakirjanpito to EU markets. Tuovi Tuotevirtakirjanpito is a stock and feed recording program for organic farmers. It produces necessary stock and feed reports for annual inspection. Also stock balance reporting benefits farm managements. Because Tuovi Tuotevirtakirjanpito complies with all the regulations EU has set for organic farmers, it has possible markets in EU. Aalto School of Competitive environment of Small Business Center Business, The Aalto Small Business Center wants to produce an analysis of their competitive environment in Small Business Center terms of areas of expertise, product segments etc. in order to differentiate themselves from their (www. competitors and to clarify their strategic areas of competence. The…...

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