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Stolen Innocense - Generations Raised by Technology

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Stolen Innocence – Leveraging IS Business

Technology is a two edge sword. I often wonder how we were able to survive for so long without cellphones, iPod, iPad, personal computers, madden, Xbox (I never owned one) and other innovations while we were growing up. My answer to that is very simple - I am glad we didn't have any of these time stealers back then. Imagine what the children of today missed just for been born at this time - hide and seek, reading rainbow, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, playing with Barbie or just simply playing with your little brother or sister to develop bond that will last a lifetime.

What about parents reading to children or telling bedtime stories to put the child(ren) to sleep and standing at the bus stop to see him/her off to school in the morning. Or just sitting in front of the black and white TV to watch your favorites weekly. Can you share with me and others other things you think today's children have missed? Thank you for sharing.

There more negative than positive when children under 8 years old have access to told that takes his/her mind outside of her parents domain. That is what cell phone or personal computers will do to a child that young - eliminate her minds from the presence of her parents and placed it in a faraway place - might be next door, next block, next town, next city, next state and sometimes next country. The damage that can occur in one instance could last a lifetime.

Okay, I understand that coins have two sides. What about for protection? What about doing homework? What about a little r & r? Maybe just watching a favorite show. What's wrong with that? My comeback is simple - Some adults who are in this position have totally relinquished their authority to their child (ren) for selfish reasons. Like working all day and I’m tired, I need a break! Kids go in your room and play with your computers and your phones.

If you ask me, I'll say that modern technology have somehow rob post-millennium children of their innocence. Would you agree? As a parent, I will like to know your opinion.

There is phrase that says, “Pay now or pay later, the choice is yours”. Either we spend the time now or submit to technology to supervise our children, there is a price to pay either in the front-end or later at the back-end.

In fact, according to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, over the past five years, kids aged 8 to 18 have increased the amount of time they spend plugged into media by 1 hour and 17 minutes a day, up from 6 hours and 21 minutes to 7 hours and 38 minutes. That is almost as much time as you spend at work -- except that kids keep at it seven days a week. How is all this screen time affecting our teenagers?

For more on this article, please follow the link below. It’s fascinating and provocative.…...

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