Sticks and Stones

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Sticks and Stones
Bullying permeates the school. A new large-scale study shows that at least five children in each class regularly exposed to bullying. And that colleagues can not figure out to intervene and help the bully victim, although they would like. Everyone have been bullied somewhere, at school, at home, at work and outside. The bullies have no idea what they are doing. For them is just fun, cool or they are trying to be cool. But what they don’t know is that they are making the other people sad or makes them to suicide. We have all heard from news, that “a 11 years old girl suicide after being bullied”. Bullying is a huge burden for both the learning environment and students' learning ability. The negative attitude creates negative atmosphere.

Strand, wet sand, dry sand and small pokes of sharp grass. Is what he dreaming often.

He laces to the top of the dune and looks down onto the strand. There is water and wet sand and dry sand and small pokes2 of sharp grass dotted along the beach. He stands on the lip3 of the concrete defencea; looks east, to the line of groyness, then west, to the lighthouse in the distance. There's no one he can see, no one he can call to for help. Below s him, the drop onto the beach is fifteen, maybe twenty, feet. He jumps because he has to, jumps out into the air, and sees as he falls one more thing: a cloud of white birds hanging on the skyline. There is a hot taste filling his mouth, like molten iron, and a black pain, and the knowledge that his teeth are through his…...

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Sticks and Stones

...Sticks and Stones af Trezza Azzopardi The main theme in the short story is bullying. The short story is questioning what the consequences with bullying are and what the consequences of bullying can have, to the adult life. As a child Lewis was a victim for two bullies, the most of his childhood he spent looking over his shoulder. Now where he is a witness to the bullying of Paul Fry, his old inner demons are coming up again. When Lewis tries to help Paul Fry it fails, he tries to help by writing notes about what he has seen and by going to the headmaster. When it fails for Lewis, it sends him into to something similar to a depression. He escapes from his life as a teacher and as a boyfriend to Anna, he turns back to his childhood home to live with his mother and try to fight back the inner demons and dreams about his childhood problems. The short story is told in an omniscient third person narrator and it is through Lewis’ point of view we see the events in the short story. We get Lewis’ thoughts and feelings through the omniscient narrator, the rest of the story is told by Lewis’ perspective. Lewis is an English teacher and he lives with his girlfriend, Anna, in the middle of England. We hear about Lewis’ adult life in the short story, but also his childhood story. We will have to understand his childhood story, if we do not understand his childhood story, we will not understand his adult life either. His whole life his mother had told him that if something goes......

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...Sticks and Stones by Trezza Azzopardi He races to the top of the dune and looks down onto the strand. There is water and wet sand and dry sand and small pokes of sharp grass dotted along the beach. He stands on the lip of the concrete defence; looks east, to the line of groynes, then west, to the lighthouse in the distance. There's no one he can see, no one he can call to for help. Below him, the drop onto the beach is fifteen, maybe twenty, feet. He jumps because he has to, jumps out into the air, and sees as he falls one more thing; a cloud of white birds hanging on the skyline. There is a hot taste filling his mouth, like molten iron, and a black pain, and the knowledge that his teeth are through his lip. It's always this same dream that Lewis has, and he does the same thing when he wakes; he reaches up to feel the place where his bottom lip was opened, running a finger over his chin. He has a scar there still, almost imperceptible to the casual eye, like a ghost mouth that never opens, like a horizon. It has been fifteen years since he jumped and fell, and he has never been back to the beach. He has spent his adult life in the heart of England, at the very core of the city, as if putting himself in the dense centre of a world would protect him from another fall off the edge of it. But now he has returned to his mother's house, and the dream is more vivid here, in colour, with sound effects and rising panic, as if it too has finally come home. “There's a letter for you”...

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...”Sticks and Stones” by Trezza Azzopardi Fear is a curious thing. It has been said that fear is important. Because it's our survival instinct. It's what keeps one from touching a red hotplate. This story centers around the fear of being bullied. We're all very familiar with it. At one point, everyone has either been bullied or been the bully. Even if they don't want to admit it. It's a fact. The important thing is, not to dwell on it, but rise again stronger than before. It has also been said ”What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”. That's probably also true. Even though it might not seem that way at first. The story takes place in England, London. There are several characters in this story. Not a lot of information is given about all of them. Lewis is probably around 25 years old. ”It has been fifteen years since he jumped and fell” And he was probably around 10 or 13 at the time. He moved back to his mother's house. He has been having the same nightmare about the day he jumped. Only it's more vivid now. It's possible that he feels guilt about what happened with Paul Fry. ”Sometimes, he imagines he's the kind of person that challenges teachers like Scott and Walker, the kind that the Headmaster takes seriously” That must mean that he is quite the opposite. A very scared person who doesn't stand his ground. It seems that all he has been doing his whole life is running from this. Or ”jumping” when things get too dangerous. When he jumps off of the concrete defence,...

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...Sticks and Stones As a child, you can be so traumatized that you will never recover. The trauma can be several different things. But parental failure, mistrust, and abuse are some of the most horrible things a child can be exposed to. Some children are never able to let their traumas go, so they can live on with their lives. And therefor it will keep hunting them for the rest of their existence. Questions like “Why didn’t my mother belief me?”, “Why me?” and a lot of similar questions will always be right there, right in the back of your head. Ready to strike when you least expect it, and in that way, strike the hardest.   Exactly like in “Sticks and Stones” where Lewis is wondering what would had happened if his mother and the headmaster had done something before it was too late.  In “Sticks and Stones” the agent ‘flashback’ is used repeatedly. Mostly to show the reader why Lewis is, whom he is at this point of his life, and to show why he has not been able to go on with his life. It is furthermore to show how the traumas have shaped the boy into an obsessed man. The flashbacks are used to make the reader almost feel the pain that Lewis felt by being ignored by his mother, when he cried for help after the incident on the edge. “Even when his mouth healed, and it was easier to say the words, she didn’t believe him. “It’s all in your mind,” she said” (p.15, ll. 119-120) Flashbacks are also a means to get the reader caught up in the story. It creates a different frame of......

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