Staying Out of Misery in Missouri

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The Missouri community and government try very hard to maintain the family unit and help individuals thrive by offering a variety of services, making services accessible to the public, and by providing outreach into the community.

The Missouri community and government try very hard to maintain the family unit and help individuals to become self-sufficient by offering a variety of human services. When researching articles that described human services needs that people have in their lives, two newspaper pieces I found dealt with a teen suicide, a fourth article, published in a periodical produced by the American Public Welfare Association, looked at the services provided through Missouri’s Family Preservation Service to a young mother in crisis who was trying to take care of herself and a young baby.

In the case of the article published in People Weekly, in which a Missouri teenager, with a history of depression, committed suicide after receiving online bullying from the mother of a schoolmate. There are a variety of resources that available to assist someone thinking about suicide on the website for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The website offers a link to many hotlines to access anonymous support and help. The site offers a link to CHADS Coalition, which is an “organization whose mission is to advance the knowledge and prevention of adolescent depression and suicide through awareness, education and research.” (CHADS Coalition, 2008) There is also the Network of Care, which provides an interactive website for people to get information about mental health services. (Network of Care, 2008) The Department of Health offers training to school counselors on suicide prevention. The training is called QPR and it allows people to provide instruction which typically takes from one to two hours that will provide general awareness about suicide, teach the…...

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