Statistical Analysis of Marketing Questionnaire Pertaining to Small Business Success in Karachi

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Statistical Analysis of Marketing Questionnaire pertaining to small business success in Karachi

Submitted By: Asad Ali Beenish Aslam Madiha Saleem Sunniya Zehra Rizvi

Course: Methods in Business Research Instructors: Ejaz H.Mian Saima Husain Class: BBA (MIS) IV Date: November 26, 2008
Table Of Contents

Acknowledgements 2

1. Introduction 3

2. Analysis Methodology 4

3. Questionnaire Data 5

4. Analysis 9

4.1 Simple Observations and Correlations 9

4.2 Expectations v. Observations X

4.3 Limitations X

6. Conclusions x

7. Appendix X


The following people have been very influential in the smooth running and development of this project report. We would like to thank them for their help and guidance during the making of this project:

• Mr. Ajmal Hussain, nephew of the owner of Akhtar compound. We thank him for allowing us to visit and carry out our survey in his compound. He provided assistance and guidance to us in carrying out our survey in the compounds.

• Mr. Faiz and Mr. Farhan. Their help is was indispensible towards the completion of this project. They took us around the different compounds ensuring safety and ease of entrance to meting the different business owners.

• Mr. Ejaz H. Mian and Ms. Saima Husain, Course Instructors, Methods in Business Research, Institute of Business Administration: The assistance and help extended to us by the instructors was central towards performing this analysis.

• Respondents: We wish to thank deeply the respondents to…...

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